5 Ways to Celebrate Your New Home

5 Ways to Celebrate your New Home

You’ve moved into your new home & now it’s time to celebrate. While housewarming parties are fun, you have to wait awhile in order to host one. And you want to celebrate right now! Here are great ways to celebrate your new home!


Photos are the perfect way to capture a special moment, and your new home is certainly one of those that is photo-worthy. So, celebrate this major milestone in your life with the ones that will make it home – your family. Grab your iPhone, set up the timer and snap a family photo that will forever be treasured. Don’t forget to get everyone involved – and yes, that includes the dog. Frame it, hang it and enjoy this special day for the rest of your lives.


With everything still in boxes, moving can quickly become a daunting task. However, you can take the inconvenience of moving and turn it into the perfect celebration of your new home.

Don’t worry about finding the box that has all of your kitchenware and utensils. Pull out some paper plates, lay down a blanket, order in some food and have a picnic indoors. It’s a fun way to sit down and relax in the middle of a hectic mood, and once all the furniture comes in, it’ll become more difficult to sprawl out in the middle of the living room. So, enjoy your first family meal together with a picnic that is certain to bring long lasting memories.


It’ll probably quite some time before your home is completely empty with nothing other than boxes. So, take advantage of the open space and set up camp right in your living room. Prop up a tent, lay down some sleeping bags, turn on the electric lanterns and spend the first night in your home sharing stories with your loved ones in your makeshift campground.

Since you probably won’t be sleeping in your own bed the first night anyway, as it’s not yet set up, this idea isn’t only fun but just as practical. Just think – you can sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor, or you can sleep in a sleeping bag in a tent filled with laughter and love. The latter is definitely the better option, and you’ll definitely remember the first night in your home.


After a long day of hauling boxes and furniture into your new home, you deserve to have a drink. But today is a special day, and just any drink won’t do. Instead, grab a nice bottle of champagne or wine for you and your spouse. It’s a classic way to celebrate and bring cheers to a new beginning. You both worked hard for this, and it’s time to celebrate.

Now, if you have little ones, you can either wait until they’re in bed, or treat them with some soda – if you dare to deal with the sugar rush that follows.


If purchasing new furniture is in the budget, then go for it! Doing a little shopping for your new home is the perfect way to embrace the excitement of this major life milestone. Plus, if you can get rid of some old furniture prior to the move, moving day will be much easier and it could even save you some extra bucks that you can spend on new furniture. After all, with less furniture, you don’t need as big of a moving truck and you also don’t need as many movers. It’s a win-win!

Don’t worry about the mess and the overflow of boxes. Take some time to reflect on this special moment, and more importantly, to celebrate it.

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